About the Project

Bet any amount with anyone on anything. No limits, no rules, just your imagination. Wrap a bet into a token and enter the exciting world of Decentralized Finance.

IBetYou uses the basic principles of betting and kicks it up a notch with crypto wizardry, powered by MATIC and AAVE. When a bet is placed both the challenger and their opponent send the stake amount to a smart contract which holds the crypto in escrow. The stake is then tokenized and held in interest yielding protocols on the AAVE platform. The crypto generated from interest is shared proportionally between the judges and the IBetYou Community at the conclusion of the bet.

About the Integration

This integration will allow Moonbeam and Moonriver token holders to use their Glimmer (GLMR) and Moonriver (MOVR) tokens in a fun and meaningful way. E.g. Moonbeam and Moonriver tokens can be used to create personalized bets, challenge friends or anyone on anything.

IBetYou sees great potential in Polkadotโ€™s interoperable network and chose Moonbeam because of its unmatched compatibility. Now, they can re-deploy their existing Ethereum-based code to build a new user base in the growing Polkadot ecosystem. IBetYou will deploy the first version built on Moonbase Alpha and publish a detailed tutorial on how to try it out. In the near future, IBetYou will deploy to Moonriver and Moonbeam. This integration will enable users of Polkadot and its parachains to use their tokens in the IBY protocol.