The Moonbuilders Program

Operational & Launch Support for
Moonbuilders in the Ecosystem

From the beginning, Moonbeam has been focused on its ecosystem. That includes designing the network in a way that’s developer-friendly, but also includes a comprehensive support program for projects that deploy. Native and multi-chain projects building on Moonbeam or Moonriver benefit from a range of operational support resources, including education, networking, technical consultations, and marketing.

The Moonbuilders Program is designed to support native teams in all aspects of building and launching a project on Moonbeam.



Token grants for early- and mid-stage projects

Developer Guidance

Technical support during DApp design, testing, and deployment

Ecosystem Networking

Intros to listing teams for Moonbeam-native AMMs and marketplaces

Investor Introductions

Access to VCs that are active in the Polkadot and Moonbeam ecosystem

Resource Recommendations

Guidance for firms to help with audits, marketing, and other operational needs

Support Throughout Your Deployment

 Specialized support for DeFi, gaming, NFT projects, and more.

Ecosystem Support

Ecosystem Networking

Connect with other projects building on Moonbeam to discover opportunities to work together

Support for Listing Websites

List your project popular resources like Moonbeam or Moonriver’s Dappradar, or through Downtown Moonbeam

Moonbeam Ambassadors

Gain access to Moonbeam Ambassadors, who can help test your beta project and amplify it once it’s launched

Ecosystem Discussions

Become a featured guest on Moonbeam’s Community Call, a monthly discussion surrounding the latest tools and resources on Moonbeam and Moonriver

Marketing & Community Support

Joint Announcements

Collaborate with the Moonbeam team on an announcement when it’s time to launch your project

Campaign Inclusion

Once a Moonbuilder, you’ll be eligible to be featured in competitions, events, and other community campaigns

Social Media

Moonbeam will share your project across social media platforms including Twitter, Discord, Telegram, & Reddit

Moonbeam Twitter Spaces

Take part in Multi-Chain Sessions, a weekly series on Moonbeam’s Twitter Space

Online Workshops & Demos

Become a featured guest on a Moonbeam demo series, like Moonbeam Universe (non-technical) or Moonbuilders Workshop (technical) 

Monthly Newsletters

Get your news and announcements mentioned in Moonbeam’s monthly newsletters

Moonbuilders Community Call

Take part in Moonbeam’s Community Call, a monthly discussion about the latest tools and resources within the Moonbeam ecosystem

Logo Visibility

Feature your project’s logo and DApp on Moonbeam or Moonriver’s NFT or DeFi web pages

Technical & Operational Support

Deployment Inquiries

Ask the Moonbeam team questions regarding smart contracts, infrastructure, RPC end points, and more

Infrastructure Support

Access assistance when running a node or when using an infrastructure provider like OnFinality or Blast

Testing Assistance

Receive technical assistance when deploying to Moonbeam, Moonriver, or Moonbase Alpha 

Operational Resources

Connect with auditing firms familiar with the Moonbeam ecosystem and other operational resources per Moonbeam’s recommendations

Ecosystem Fund

Access the Moonbeam Ecosystem Fund, a new fund designed to help new projects develop and scale multi-chain applications.

Grants Program

Apply for funding opportunities with the Moonbeam Foundation Grants Program

Dive Into Recurring Moonbeam Events

Introduce and discuss your project in monthly events with the Moonbeam team to bring your project to the next level.
Contact the ecosystem team to learn how be featured.

moonbeam universe banner

Moonbeam Universe

Presentations that connect the vibrant community with the teams behind prominent projects building on Moonbeam. Join us and learn more about the activity and integrations that Moonbeam and Moonriver are bringing to Polkadot & Kusama.

Moonbuilders Workshops

Moonbuilders Workshop

A series of technical presentations for developers to showcase how to use Moonbeam and Moonriver's smart contract platforms and learn how to use tools and integrations in the ecosystem.

Multi-Chain Sessions

Multi-Chain Sessions

Weekly discussions with guest appearances from integrations in the Moonbeam ecosystem. Listen in as the Moonbeam team and guests discuss technology, developers, and future plans.

Moonbuilders Academy

Learn How to Deploy DApps on Moonbeam

Moonbuilders Academy is an exclusive asynchronous foundational series of courses for developers hoping to learn the practical skills for building on Moonbeam and Moonriver. The program features self-paced exclusive video content and guided tasks that cover the basics of Solidity and Substrate as well as interaction with/development of DApps. The program is available in both English and Mandarin. Participants also receive access to a private dedicated Discord support channel, and an NFT to signify completion of the program.

Project Funding

Teams at all stages have access to grants through the Moonbeam Foundation and the ecosystem fund, to help them get started with their Moonbeam deployment. Grant awardees are also automatically given Moonbuilder status.

Grants are awarded to teams that provide developer and/or infrastructure needs to projects within the Moonbeam ecosystem.


Fill Out the Application Form

Share all the necessary information with the Moonbeam Foundation. The more information they have, the better they can evaluate your application.

Review and Feedback Call

After reviewing your application, they will send you a link to schedule a call to discuss your project and answer any questions you might have.


They will contact you to tell you if your application was approved or rejected.


In this step, they welcome you to the program and review the legal and funding aspects.


The Moonbeam Foundation will have recurring calls with you and your team to follow up and give the support needed.