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How to Help Moonbeam Grow

Excited for the future of Moonbeam? We are too. Here are some of the many ways that you can channel your enthusiasm into awareness of the network and the continued growth of our ecosystem.

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Become an Ambassador

Directly contribute to the growth of the Moonbeam community
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Apply for a Moonbeam Grant

Submit your project proposal to see if it's eligible for sponsorship
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Run a Moonbeam Collator Node

Provide block production and support the liveness of the network
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Build a Solidity Project

Deploy your new or existing Solidity project in a Moonbeam environment

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Represent Moonbeam as an Official Ambassador

As Moonbeam grows, our community grows with it! Help lead the charge by bringing your unique skills — whether they’re technical, creative, or simply pragmatic — as a member of the Moonbeam Ambassador Program.

Moonbeam Ambassadors come from all walks of life and all corners of the world to help spread awareness, education, and promote usage of the network. If you’re passionate about the future of interoperable chains and Moonbeam’s place in that future, join us!

What's Involved in Ambassadorship

Earn a Grant for Software That Benefits the Community

The Moonbeam Foundation is committed to providing grants and bounties for initiatives that support the greater community. The categories and grant awards will vary depending on the project and its overall value to the network, the other projects in the ecosystem, and even the platform itself. Projects could include:

  • Key functionality for DeFi applications e.g., oracles, DEXs
  • Developer tools, services, and integrations
  • Bridges to Ethereum or other chains that connect directly to Moonbeam
  • User interfaces for displaying chain data and analysis e.g., block explorers
Explore the Grant Program

Help Support Moonbeam's Network Infrastructure

As a parachain, Moonbeam relies on node operators (known as collators) to create and submit blocks to the Polkadot Relay Chain. Though these collators are not responsible for the security of the network, they will ensure the liveness of the network and which means that consistency and uptime are of utmost importance.

If you’re interested in learning more about the requirements for collators or would like to have an exploratory conversation, please contact us directly.

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Banksea Finance NFT Oracle


NFT Oracle & Pool-based Lending

Synapse Bridge


Trustless Cross-Chain AMM & Bridge

Connext Interoperability Protocol


Interoperability Protocol

Rabby DeFi Extension Wallet


DeFi Extension Wallet

DeBank DeFi Portfolio Dashboard


DeFi Portfolio Dashboard

Blockchain Monster Hunt Multi-Chain Game

Blockchain Monster Hunt

Multi-Chain Game

RMRK Extensible NFT Building Blocks


Extensible NFT Building Blocks

Rubic Logo


Multi-Chain Swap Protocol

Beefy Finance Multi-Chain Yield Optimizer

Beefy Finance

Multi-chain Yield Optimizer

Minterest Lending & Borrowing


Lending & Borrowing Protocol

Firefly Derivatives DEX on Polkadot


Derivatives DEX

Zenlink DEX Aggregation


DEX Aggregator Sports-Focused NFTs

Sports-Focused NFTs

SubQuery Data Aggregation Layer


Data Aggregation Layer

Etherscan Ethereum-based Block Explorer

Moonscan (Etherscan)

Ethereum-Based Block Explorer

Moonlit Finance on Moonriver

Moonlit Finance

Decentralized Interchangeable Asset Protocol

RelayChain on Moonriver


Fast & Secure Token Transfers

Kyve Logo


Archiving & Caching on Arweave

Dapplooker Analytics Dashboard


Analytics & Visualization Platform

AnySwap Bridge


Cross-Chain Swap Protocol

Create or Re-deploy Solidity DApps to Moonbeam

Solidity-based projects have rapidly adopted Moonbeam as the “go to” destination for multi-chain expansion to Polkadot. Since it’s so easy to deploy both new and existing smart contracts to the platform, a number of projects from across the cryptoverse have begun to congregate on Moonbeam — from DeFi-enabling technologies like oracles to DApps whose use cases have become to costly on alternate networks.

Take a look at who’s already building on Moonbeam, or visit the documentation site to dive in yourself.

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