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Rust-Based Innovation in Blockchain

Moonbeam is Built on Substrate, a New Framework for Building Interoperable Blockchains

Like all Polkadot parachains, Moonbeam is built on Substrate and programmed in Rust. Substrate was created by the Parity team with the express purpose of simplifying the process for creating blockchains that can natively connect and interact with one another. Check out the GitHub repositories for each project to learn how you can contribute.  

Substrate Resources

Freshen up your skills with these Substrate and Rust resources for beginners and veterans.

Get Started with Substrate

Substrate Documentation Site

Discover the principles and design standards on which Substrate is built.

Tutorials to Get Started

Learn, create, and execute Substrate chain projects and solutions with these extensive tutorials.

How-to Guides on Substrate

These are in-depth guides for developers with some prior knowledge of Rust and a specific goal they want to achieve.

Connect With the Substrate Community

Substrate Developer GitHub

Documentation, samples, and tutorials for the Substrate framework for building blockchains.

Builders Program

The Substrate Builders Program directly supports you by connecting you with Parity’s extensive resources, taking your Substrate project to the next level.

Technical Substrate Chatrooms

Substrate Technical is made up of 5 messaging applications where developers can chat and answer unanswered questions.

Substrate Seminar Series

Substrate Seminar is a biweekly collaborative learning space, where we hear from developers and projects building on Substrate.

Rust Resources

Get Started with Rust

The Rust Handbook

A comprehensive overview of the language, with tasks along the way.

Rustling Exercises

This Rust GitHub comes packed with exercises and tutorials to put your skills to the test.

Learn Rust

Explore the principles and designs of Rust beyond the basics.

Connect with the Rust Community

Rust in Blockchain

A smaller Telegram group focused on connecting developers within the Rust community.

Rust Developer Forum

A Rust community designed for discussions and questions, both easy and hard.

Rust Language Community

A community server on Discord containing over 30,000 active members.

Rust in Blockchain

A Rust programming language community on Discord containing nearly 40,000 members.

Moonbeam Bug Bounty Program

Enhance the Moonbeam Code

Moonbeam’s new bug bounty program encourages users to submit any errors to the smart contract, blockchain, web, or application code that may be found.  Immunify has carefully curated a five-level system for classifying bug severity, varying from low to critical.

All bugs submitted through the bug bounty program must be verified and deemed legitimate by the Moonbeam team. 

Thefts and freezing of principal of any amount
Thefts and freezing of unclaimed yield of any amount
Theft of governance funds
Governance activity disruption
Network shutdown
Leak of user data
Deletion of user data
Access to sensitive pages without authorization

Moonbuilders Community

Get to Know Other Moonbeam Developers

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An educational video series to help both new and experienced developers deploy smart contracts. Available in English and Mandarin.

Moonbuilders Community