About the Project

Unifty is a no-code NFT ecosystem with a continuously growing collection of tools, services and Micro Dapps for the fast-emerging Creator Economy. Unifty provides creators with a no-code solution to build powerful NFT based Dapps, and paves the way for creating a stronger bond between Creators and their customers, community, fans and followers. With Unifty, Creators can access new revenue streams from their audience and provide them value in the form of digital assets and new engagement propositions with the Creator.

About the Integration

This integration allows Moonbeam developers and users to easily mint their own NFTs, set up combined DeFi and NFT yield farming incentives, and utilize a plethora of additional uses of NFTs enabled by Unifty.

Moonbeam enables the scalability of Polkadot-based ecosystem projects while retaining the Ethereum-like developer experience, so support for NFTs on Moonbeam comes as a natural choice for Unifty. Simply put, it is “Ethereum on Polkadot” with full support for popular Ethereum features like the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), Ethereum address schemes and wallets like MetaMask.

Having successfully supported hundreds of customized Creator owned NFT Farms and individual NFTs on Ethereum and other platforms, Unifty expects to deliver the same ease of use and experience to the Polkadot ecosystem. With Unifty, creators can easily create immutable NFTs and add functionality to their unique creations. Additionally, they will be able to make use of Unifty’s NFT Bridge Service, the NFT Swap Service and NFT Marketplace to create a full ecosystem for minting, interacting and trading with NFTs. These can be used to drive engagement with the creator’s products and artistic pieces, or any other creative uses of NFTs.