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Explore these resources to learn the basics of programming smart contracts with Vyper and Solidity.

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Go beyond the limitations of single chain deployments, access assets and functionalities across many chains.

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The Easiest Path to Multi-Chain DApps on Polkadot

Re-deploy existing smart contracts on Moonbeam and gain instant access to other assets on Moonbeam, Polkadot, parachains on Polkadot, and any assets bridged into those chains. You can bring your existing code, integrations, and tools — it’s the most Ethereum-like development environment you’ll find, but powered by the modern Substrate architecture which allows for advanced functionality like on-chain governance and native cross-chain integrations.

Speedy Deployments

Port or deploy new Solidity and Vyper smart contracts with minimal configuration changes while retaining Ethereum-style addresses, signatures, and token standards (like ERC-20).

All the Best Integrations

Use the most popular bridges, APIs, oracles, wallets, IDEs, and more: Moonbeam’s Web3 RPCs and rich ecosystem provide easy access to the tools you need to build.

Interoperability and Beyond

Native access to a multitude of assets and advanced functionality such as governance, staking, XC-20 tokens, and users across the broader Polkadot ecosystem.

Unmatched Ethereum Compatibility

Use Moonbeam as a lightweight integration layer that aggregates network services or to compose functionality using other Polkadot parachains.
Moonbeam’s cross-chain smart contract functionality makes it easy to re-deploy or shift existing workloads to Moonbeam, extending the reach of your applications to new users and assets connected to Polkadot.

Web3 RPC Endpoints

Deploy and interact with the Moonbeam Network integrations by connecting to HTTPS or WSS RPC endpoints.

Cross-Chain Capable ERC-20s

Interact with familiar Ethereum token standards like XC-20, which stems from ERC-20 to natively move assets across the Polkadot Relay Chain.

H160 Unified Accounts

Access EVM and Substrate functionalities with a single H160 address and ECDSA signature based on Moonbeam’s unified account model.

Deployment Strategies 

Deploy on Moonbeam

Projects that have already been built on Ethereum can deploy on Moonbeam with ease. Simply change your configuration to the Moonbeam Network and deploy directly, using the same deployment tools that you already use.

Native projects can choose to deploy directly to Moonbeam, Moonriver (the CanaryNet on Kusama), Moonbase Alpha (Moonbeam’s TestNet), or some combination of the three.

Start Building on Moonbeam

Deployment Types

Native Deployments

Build your new application on Moonbeam or Moonriver

Hybrid Deployments

Integrate off-chain data while Moonbeam handles the state transition logic of your project

Multi-Chain Deployments

Combine functionality from multiple specialized chains to create a comprehensive DApp

Cross-Chain Deployments

Extend your project to reach users and assets on Polkadot through Moonbeam

XC-20 Deployments

Create an interoperable token on Moonbeam to enter the entire Polkadot ecosystem

Developer Tools

Reach into the Moonbeam Developer Toolkit

All your favorite tools and integrations work natively with Moonbeam and Moonriver.

Builder Tutorials

Test, Run, and Deploy

Dive into the Moonbeam Docs site for all of Moonbeam’s deployment tutorials

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