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Moonbeam: the Ease of Ethereum, Plus Native Cross-Chain Functionality

Deploy Your DApp on Moonbeam to Access the Polkadot, Ethereum, Cosmos and Beyond

Tap into the Polkadot ecosystem with Moonbeam, a parachain that closely mirrors the Ethereum developer experience within a modern Substrate-based PoS environment. Create or re-deploy Solidity and Vyper-based DApps and extend them with native cross-chain communication.

Solidity & Vyper Support

Extend the reach of your DApp by deploying on Moonbeam with minimal reconfigurations or changes.

Extensive Ethereum Compatibility

Utilize Moonbeam’s fully Ethereum-like environment with industry-standard tokens, tools, DApps, and protocols.

Native Substrate Interoperability

Share rich integrations with other parachains, including access to native asset and data movement across the ecosystem.

Create, Build and Test DApps in One Development Environment

Choose the best deployment path for what you’re building: Moonbeam nodes have both Web3 and Substrate RPCs available, handled respectively by the EVM and the associated Substrate runtime functions.

Create a Node

Spin up a local Moonbeam node to serve as an independent development environment, so you can test and debug your smart contracts. You can also run a full node to author blocks instantly, manually or at a custom interval.

Test on Moonbase Alpha

Test directly within a shared environment without needing to run your own nodes or network. This is a great way to verify interactions with other DApps and tools on the network.

Verify Execution

Investigate the behavior of your deployment and grant end-users performance visibility by verifying your smart contracts using block explorers.

Choose your MainNet Deployment Destination

The Leading Ethereum Compatible Smart Contract Platform on Polkadot

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A Fast-Paced Permanently Incentived Canary Network on Kusama

Moonbeam Ethereum Compatibility 

The Best of Ethereum and More

Moonbeam enriches the developer deployment experience by combining the most prominent Ethereum tools and infrastructure with diverse native features such as on-chain governance, forkless upgrades, and native cross-chain integrations.

Shared Developer Toolset

Most Popular Developer Tools

Native compatibility with Remix, Waffle, Scaffold-Eth, HardHat, OpenZeppelin, Etherscan, MetaMask, and more.

In-Demand Integrations

Live deployments of The Graph, Chainlink, SubQuery, OnFinality, Covalent, and Biconomy.

JS Library Compatibility

Take advantage of well-known Ethereum JS libraries like Ethers.js, Web3.js, &

Web3 RPC Endpoints

Seamless integration with additional applications through HTTPS and WSS.


 Subscribe to Ethereum-style events.

Enhanced H160 Address & Transfer Functionality

H160 Addresses & ECDSA Signatures

Unified system of accounts and signatures, adopting the dominant Ethereum style.

XC-20s: Cross-Chain Capable ERC-20s

Use familiar Ethereum token standards while natively moving assets across parachains and the Polkadot & Kusama Relay Chains.

Ethereum Tokens via Bridges

Moonbeam offers a variety of highly secure bridging options for tokens from Ethereum and other popular chains such as Axelar and Multichain

Additional Account Balances

Unlike Ethereum’s single account balance, Moonbeam accounts contain reserved and locked balances for staking and democracy.

Dual Balance Transfer Options

Assets can be transferred through Moonbeam’s Substrate API via Polkadot.js or through wallets like MetaMask and Mathwallet using Ethereum’s APIs.

True Interoperability with Both Ethereum & Substrate

Ethereum-like Environment

Moonbeam’s Ethereum compatibility includes a full Rust-based EVM that allows full Ethereum-style composability between smart contracts.

Native Communication via XCM

Polkadot’s architecture allows parachains to natively interoperate, enabling cross-blockchain transfers of any type of data or asset.

Delegated PoS Environment

Users can earn rewards by delegating stake to collator candidates that produce blocks, supporting decentralized block production and liveness of the network.

Deterministic Functionality

Polkadot/Kusama and Moonbeam rely on GRANDPA which provides deterministic functionality. This allows developers to understand and report to their users when transactions are final.

EVM Precompiles

A library of precompiled contracts on Moonbeam allows developers to interact with advanced substrate functionality from the EVM. Examples include governance, staking, VRFs, XC-20 tokens, and other cross-chain integration scenarios powered by XCM.

Built on Substrate

A Fully Ethereum-Compatible Environment Built on a Modern Architecture

Moonbeam is built on the Substrate framework, an architecture for building extensible blockchains with customizable components called pallets. Substrate offers a runtime execution environment that enables generic state transitions, and a pluggable set of modules that provide implementations of various functionalities. This framework allows for reusable components and it is also what powers the native interoperability behind Polkadot.

Through this system, Moonbeam can quickly evolve and adapt to changing market demands. Parachains like Moonbeam contribute and benefit from Polkadot’s shared security model and have increasing utility via native cross-chain integrations as the Polkadot ecosystem grows.

Forkless Upgrades

Shared Security Model

Native On-Chain Governance

Heterogeneous Sharding

Native On-Chain Communication

Developer Tools

Extensive Support for Familiar Developer Tools & Integrations

All your favorite tools and integrations work natively with Moonbeam and Moonriver.

Dev Tutorials

Test, Run and Deploy

Dive into the Moonbeam Docs site for all of Moonbeam’s deployment tutorials

Moonbuilders Community

Get to Know Other Moonbeam Developers

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An educational video series to help both new and experienced developers deploy smart contracts. Available in English and Mandarin.

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