Axelar Centrifuge MoonbeamBlogs
January 13, 2023

Transferring Tokens from Axelar to Centrifuge through Moonbeam’s Connected Contracts

Combining Moonbeam’s precompiled smart contract abilities to interact with Polkadot-specific tech with Axelar’s general message passing (GMP) allows for unique interactions that are not possible on other blockchains. Read on to learn how connected contracts…
XCM polkadotBlogs
December 22, 2022

Understanding XCM on Polkadot and How It Enables Cross-Chain Use Cases

Improving user experience is a goal at the forefront of Moonbeam’s cross-chain connected approach. Moonbeam is working to free users from the constraints of chain fragmentation by making it easy for developers to design smart…
Snapshot voting MoonbeamBlogs
December 20, 2022

Voting With Snapshot

Snapshot is a decentralized governance platform that numerous Web3 communities, including the Moonbeam community, use for signal voting. Signal voting is an informal and off-chain governance process that allows the community to voice their opinions…
Gov V2Blogs
December 15, 2022

OpenGov: What is Polkadot Gov2

OpenGov, formerly referred to as Gov2, is the proposed next phase of Polkadot governance, bringing the next generation of decentralized, secure, and democratic governance to Polkadot. OpenGov is live on Kusama and coming to Polkadot…
XC-20 Featured imageBlogsEducation
December 13, 2022

Introducing XC-20s, the New Standard for Cross-Chain Tokens on Dotsama

This is an updated version of the article that was originally published on April 13, 2022. XC-20s are fungible tokens that are natively cross-chain ready and also act as regular ERC-20s. This is a unique…
Stake with Moonbeam SafeBlogs
December 12, 2022

How to Stake GLMR / MOVR with Moonbeam Safe

Introduction With Moonbeam Safe, it’s easy to perform contract interactions with verified contracts. Moonbeam’s StakingInterface.sol, while more accurately described as a precompile than a contract, has been verified on Moonscan, enabling seamless GLMR and MOVR…
Illuminate hack featured imageBlogs
December 9, 2022

How to Submit your Project to Moonbeam’s Illuminate Hackathon

So, you’ve finished your project and now you’re ready to submit. Congratulations! You can take a deep breath and relax - submitting your project is the easy part. To get started, head over to Gitcoin,…
Wormhole Connected Contract Blog PostsBlogs
November 30, 2022

Cross-Chain Connected Contracts with Wormhole’s Relayer Engine

If it isn’t apparent already, Moonbeam is a hub for cross-chain communication. Protocols like Axelar, LayerZero, and Hyperlane allow for smart contracts on different EVMs to communicate with each other, unlocking new scales of functionality…
Hyperlane Connected ContractsBlogs
November 28, 2022

Cross-Chain Connected Contracts with Hyperlane

Cross-chain communication lives at the heart of Moonbeam, which is why Hyperlane, another cross-chain protocol, has deployed on Moonbeam. Similar to previously introduced protocols Axelar and LayerZero, Hyperlane allows developers to write smart contracts that…
Connected Contracts With LayerZeroBlogs
November 22, 2022

Cross-Chain Connected Contracts with LayerZero

Moonbeam has extended the built-in interoperability of parachains on Polkadot to remote blockchains with connected contracts, which have been further boosted with a new protocol: LayerZero. Connected contracts allow smart contracts to communicate with each…
Spotlght NFTsBlogs
October 27, 2022

Spotlight: Cross Chain NFTs and 1:1 NFT Art on Moonbeam

The NFT scene on Moonbeam has grown with the development of new blockchain technology. New use cases that include the freedom for users to access their NFTs across blockchains and the concept of one-of-one NFTs…
Tutorial Moonbeam Community ForumBlogs
October 26, 2022

Using the Moonbeam Community Forum to Submit a Treasury Proposal

The Interim Treasury Program is a 6-month program that establishes a separate community Treasury Council to manage Treasury funds, a budget for Treasury spending, and a required discussion time to gather community feedback on possible…
Introducing Moonbeam Community ForumBlogs
October 26, 2022

Introducing the Moonbeam Community Forum, a Space Open for Community Discussion, Proposals, and Feedback

The Moonbeam community is welcome to participate in the Moonbeam Community Forum, a new community space dedicated to hosting Moonbeam and Moonriver-related discussions, including technology development, governance, and future ecosystem initiatives. The forum will also…
Featured Image: Designing Multichain-Aware dApps for Connected ContractsBlogs
October 14, 2022

Designing Multichain-Aware dApps for Connected Contracts

Most decentralized apps live on a single chain and are only aware of a single ecosystem that they’re deployed on. Some of the largest dApps deploy the same contracts on different chains, but their smart…
Polkassembly tutorialTutorials
August 31, 2022

How to Participate in Moonbeam Governance with Polkassembly

This is an updated version of the tutorial that was originally published on March 17, 2022. Polkassembly is an open-source platform for anyone to discover and participate in Moonbeam's on-chain governance. You can open/interact with…

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