About the Project

Poolz is a decentralized Layer-3 swapping protocol based on DeFi infrastructure. Poolz is built as a DAO protocol on Ethereum, and the premise of the Poolz operations and governance is that, the community gets to decides how governance and operations will evolve, going forward. So even though our team get to set the initial operations, the community still gets to decide how it eventually evolves.

About the Integration

The integration will expand Poolz’ cross-chain capabilities for interoperable DeFi and token sale fundraising.

Moonbeam’s Ethereum-compatible smart contract platform delivers broad support for projects looking to build on Polkadot. By integrating Moonbeam’s technology into its protocol, Poolz is making it easier for developers to create native Polkadot applications that utilize Poolz’ cross-chain capabilities for token swapping.

Ethereum native projects will now be able to deploy the same logic and smart contract code on Polkadot, while supporting the exchange of ERC20 assets using Poolz. A primary application for this is token sales that wish to raise funds in ETH before issuing a native token on Polkadot.