About the Project

Yuser’s mission is to build an ecosystem of interconnected applications that put power back into the hands of users by giving them full control over their content, data, and personal networks. Developers can connect via an API to instantly gain access to millions of users and incentivize them to try their product by paying them with a token.

About the Integration

Integrating with Moonbeam will allow Yuser to deploy their Gem Diamond token on Kusama (Polkadot’s sister network). This deployment will allow the exchange of Yuser Gemstones into Gem Diamonds and provide liquidity for the current Gemstone holders.

In addition, the Moonriver launch will allow Yuser, the flagship app on the Yuser Network, and its users to buy and sell NFTs on the Kusama network. The integration will offer innovative new rewards while reducing gas costs for artists who mint NFTs and collectors who purchase them.

Yuser’s marketplace and Moonriver integration is in the final stages of the planning & development phase with a slated launch in the coming months. The soft launch of the Yuser NFT Marketplace is scheduled for the second and third week of September 2021. Access to a multiplatform NFT marketplace (available for iOS, Android, and web) is key not only for artists but also for NFT collectors and developers. Developers will be able to tap into new audiences by connecting via an API and utilizing tokens as incentives.

As part of the launch of Yuser NFT Social App and Marketplace, Yuser is also introducing the first ever generative avatar project to launch on Moonriver called NextGems. NextGems will be minted on launch of the Yuser NFT Marketplace on Moonriver.