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What we do

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What we do

Moonbeam accelerates web3 integration through solutions that remove friction and improve user experience. We enable developers to efficiently build decentralized applications that operate seamlessly across diverse blockchain networks.

Our mission is to support innovations that remove friction, onboard more users, and deliver real-world value. We achieve this by leveraging a range of technologies, including cross-chain solutions like XCM, xc20, MRL, and XCM SDK. Moonbeam also integrates with leading cross-chain protocols, including Axelar, Wormhole, LayerZero, and Glacis, making Moonbeam the ideal platform for building future-proof decentralized applications.

How we got here

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How we got here

Moonbeam launched as Polkadot's first Parachain on January 11, 2022, creating a new path for blockchain interoperability with its EVM-compatible platform on Substrate. This development has led to the growth of an ecosystem with over 300 applications, establishing Moonbeam as a key platform for builders and users.

Built on Polkadot SDK, Moonbeam is an EVM-compatible environment that has been extended to include powerful new features based on Polkadot SDK that allow developers to easily customize applications to fit their needs. Polkadot SDK, developed by Parity Technologies and Ethereum co-founder Founder Gavin Wood, enables cross-chain interoperability through the use of Cross-Consensus Messaging (XCM).

Advancing integrated web3
by supporting builders

Who we are

Moonbeam operates as a decentralized organization, ensuring an open and collaborative environment. Here's a breakdown of the contributing parties and their roles.

This structure ensures a comprehensive, decentralized approach to Moonbeam's development, governance, and community engagement.

Moonbeam Foundation

Promotes the development, growth, and adoption of Moonbeam and its ecosystem.

Moonsong Labs

Technical partner and home of Moonbeam founder & core contributor Derek Yoo.

Papermoon Organization

Manages developer relations.

Treasury Council

Controls the allocation of Treasury funds within the community-approved budget.

Technical Council

Members possess special voting rights and drive critical governance proposals.


Collators are Moonbeam’s block procedures. Stakers support the network by choosing a collator to delegate to .


Ambassadors are key community members and leaders who create content, propose initiatives, and promote Moonbeam across platforms.


Dev. & Dapps

35K+Daily Active Accounts

With recorded peaks up to 111K

User Engagement

63MTotal Value Locked

Ranked 2nd among all Parachains.

Total value locked

20M+Total accounts

Including ~2M token holders.

Account & Holders

Our network

Moonbeam, Moonriver, and Moonbase Alpha support the lifecycle of blockchain application development, from initial testing to final deployment, without the need for learning new tools.

  • Moonbeam offers an EVM-compatible Layer 1 Parachain. Its compatibility with Ethereum's ecosystem allows developers to use familiar tools and dApps, streamlining the development process. Applications on Moonbeam are ready for the broader market, bridging the gap between development and deployment.

    Go to /networks/moonbeam page to Explore
  • Moonriver, running on Kusama, mirrors Moonbeam's capabilities but serves as a testing ground for new features. This network allows developers to test applications in a real but more forgiving environment before final deployment on Moonbeam. 

    Go to /networks/moonriver page to Explore