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A New Moonbeam - 2024 Product Roadmap Advancing Integrated Web3

Moonbeam Foundation

May 20, 2024

8 min read


  • Core Protocol Enhancements: 8x increased throughput with 6-second block times, compatibility with Ethereum's Dencun upgrade, and governance optimizations.
  • Ecosystem Integration: Glacis integration for reliable cross-chain transactions, Tanssi integration for appchain deployments, revitalized Moonriver with Axelar's Amplifier.
  • Developer Tools: Governance tracks for dApps, Account Abstraction support, expanded tooling integration for ease of development, deployment, and debugging/monitoring.
  • User Experience: Zero Knowledge Initiative (zkAuth) for Web2 authentication, tokenomics incentive updates, and streamlined stablecoin flows.
  • Rebranding: Moonbeam is rebranding, reflecting its vision as a hub for developers, enthusiasts, and innovators in the Web3 space.
Moonrise: The Dawn of a New Era

At Moonbeam, we are building a world where the wonders of decentralized technology are easily accessible to everyone, unrestricted and free. To realize this vision, groundbreaking innovations that reduce friction at every stage are needed for consumers and builders alike. While the industry is not there yet, we are thrilled to share the new Moonbeam, a pivotal shift across technology and branding to advance web3 integration.

Our product roadmap outlines the pioneering developments that will drive a more integrated Web3 landscape, deliver frictionless user experiences, and empower builders. At the core of the Protocol, we are bringing 8x throughput with 6-second block times to the Moonbeam chain, a massive foundational improvement that ushers in a new era.

Moonbeam Product Roadmap

Fortifying the Core Protocol and Ecosystem

Seamless performance and scalability are crucial for web3 applications to thrive and provide a smooth user experience. Our core protocol enhancements deliver much faster transaction speeds, increased throughput, and unparalleled scalability, enabling builders to develop and deploy high-performance web3 applications. Fortifying Moonbeam's core protocol and expanding our ecosystem partnerships are top priorities as we pioneer new frontiers.

  • Q3 2024 - Improving Moonbeam Performance and Throughput: We are enhancing our chain with “asynchronous backing,” a parallel processing solution that enables 6-second block times while quadrupling block capacity. This significantly improves performance and increases throughput by 800%, better optimizing Moonbeam for more use cases. Asynchronous backing has been live on Moonriver allowing developers to test performance. The upgrade comes with additional enhancements delivered through Runtime upgrades. Read more about the performance improvements here and here.
  • Q2 2024 - Network Tokenomics Update: In collaboration with Gauntlet, we're optimizing network tokenomics to improve ecosystem growth and sustainability. This update creates a more attractive environment for users and builders. Reducing friction is about making it easier and more fruitful for builders to prioritize Moonbeam’s ecosystem, in addition to supporting tools and protocols that make their lives easier.
  • Q3 2024 - Ethereum Dencun Compatibility: Our core protocol will receive updates to ensure compatibility with Ethereum's recent Dencun upgrade, ensuring seamless interoperability.
  • Q2 2024 - Governance Optimizations: Enhancements to our governance mechanisms improve efficiency and flexibility, continuing Moonbeam's path toward greater decentralization.
  • Q3 2024 - Moonriver Revitalization: We're revitalizing Moonriver, our canary network, with Axelar's Amplifier and a V3 AMM liquidity program, fostering a vibrant DeFi ecosystem.
  • Q4 2024 - Agile Core Time: By adopting agile core time, Moonbeam will be able to scale vertically, allowing for unprecedented increases in throughput and speed. For example, expanding to 6 cores could theoretically enable 1 second blocktimes.

Fostering an Integrated Web3 Ecosystem

Interoperability is the key to unlocking Web3's boundless potential and enabling a cohesive ecosystem. Our cross-chain initiatives aim to solve fragmentation by connecting disparate ecosystems, creating a unified Web3 realm where assets, data, and value flow freely.

  • Q4 2024 - Glacis Integration: We are integrating Glacis' pioneering abstraction layer to bring Web2-level reliability to cross-chain transactions. This includes support for leading GMP protocols, enabling failover mechanisms, and parallel processing across multiple GMP providers. This groundbreaking integration will deliver orders of magnitude improvement in security and reliability for cross-chain activities.
  • Q4 2024 - Tanssi x Moonbeam: Together with Tanssi, the appchain infrastructure protocol, we are integrating MRL and other core features so that Moonbeam serves as the base liquidity, bridging, and DeFi infrastructure layer for their appchains. Tanssi substantially reduces the friction around chain deployments and helps grow the number of chains connected to the Dotsama ecosystem, benefitting Moonbeam.
  • Q3 2024 - Improved Ethereum Integration Initiative: Moonbeam has always linked the Polkadot and Ethereum ecosystems. The product development team will open new research workstreams focused on exploring extensions to Moonbeam designed to bring these ecosystems closer together.

Empowering Builders with Cutting-Edge Tools

Catering to developers' needs is paramount for fostering Web3 innovation. We are introducing a suite of tools and infrastructure to streamline the development process and reduce friction.

  • 2025 - Governance Tracks for dApps: This groundbreaking feature will introduce "governance tracks" for decentralized applications (dApps). Developers can effortlessly implement tailored on-chain governance mechanisms, such as community-driven gaming dynamics, directly into their dApps.
  • Q3 2024 - Account Abstraction Support: We’re working on Account Abstraction solutions supporting smart wallets and paymaster solutions, including full support for EIP-4337. The revolutionary Account Abstraction proposal will unlock native capabilities for advanced account management. This will enhance security, composability, and enable developers to build more sophisticated dApps on Moonbeam.
  • Continuous - Developer Tooling: Expanded integrations with industry-leading platforms like Tenderly, Hardhat, and Foundry provide robust debugging and monitoring tools and streamline the development lifecycle across all networks, including testnet. Additionally, we are building dedicated infrastructure to support Web2 login mechanisms, reducing friction for developers building on Moonbeam.

Delivering Frictionless User Experiences

Onboarding new users is critical for driving Web3 mass adoption, which is why we're laser-focused on enhancing user experiences and minimizing friction at all levels, from onboarding to higher up in a user’s journey.

  • Q2 2025 - Zero Knowledge Initiative (zkAuth): The Moonbeam Foundation is increasingly focusing on ZK technology, spearheaded by what we call “zkAuth.” zkAuth leverages cutting-edge zero-knowledge cryptography to enable Web2 authentication for Web3 applications. Users will be able to log in with existing Web2 credentials from major authentication platforms, eliminating the need for seed phrases and frequent signing requests, vastly improving the overall user experience.
  • Q2 2024 - Moonbeam Routed Liquidity (MRL) UX: The Moonbeam Routed Liquidity protocol will receive substantial UX improvements, support in the Moonbeam dApp, SDK integration, and embeddable widgets. This empowers users to bridge liquidity between Ethereum and Parachains seamlessly.
  • Q4 2024 - Streamlining Stablecoin flows: We are implementing solutions to address the double-wallet and existential deposit challenges in AssetHub. These improvements will streamline the user journey. Specifically, it removes friction for access to liquidity to native Polkadot assets.

Rebranding to a New Moonbeam

Moonbeam is undergoing a pivotal change across the technology stack, from UX to chain foundational chain performance. These changes are reflected in a new look that depicts how Moonbeam powers integrated web3 ecosystems. Moonbeam is more than a chain; it’s a hub for developers, Web3 enthusiasts, Polkadot and Ethereum lovers, interoperability / multi-chain freaks, and more to come together and realize their dreams. Moonbeam is here to bring dreams to fruition, empowering free-thinking individuals to move beyond the status and explore new solutions.


As we continue to pursue innovation, you can expect regular updates on our progress and insights into new initiatives on the horizon. Join us as we shape a future where Web3 becomes the new norm, driven by Moonbeam's advancements.