About the Project

Robonomics Network is a decentralized cloud for secure and reliable control of IoT applications. The project incorporates decentralization, blockchain technologies, and token-based economics for the protection of smart devices and their data. Robonomics is aimed for

1) controling smart devices with security and global availability

2) serverless IoT applications for users for their privacy

3) performing technical and economic transactions between people and machines for service efficiency.

About the Integration

Moonbeam has recently connected with Robonomics via an HRMP channel. By opening an HRMP channel, the Robonomics native token, XRT, can now be used as xcXRT across the Moonriver ecosystem. Now, with this integration, the Robonomics team can explore bringing smart contracts into their parachain on Kusama. Plus, developers can build atop Moonriverโ€™s fully Ethereum-compatible smart contract platform to explore the integration of composable smart contracts into the real-world applicability that IoT devices have been created to provide. Taking on-chain data and being able to translate that into real-world events will open up a new class of development and use cases that blockchains can power.