About the Project

The RMRK protocol is a system of NFT Legos which allows developers and designers to build composable, equippable, multi-resource NFTs which are multi-chain by default by virtue of being launched on Kusama, the center of a multi-chain universe. The NFTs can visually change based on other NFTs they own, but these NFTs are also eternally liquid and forward-compatible in that they can be made equippable by unrelated future projects that aren’t even planned yet.

With RMRK tokens in the hands of the community, the protocol is to NFTs what Ethereum was to Bitcoin — a paradigm shift that takes a single thing’s single use-case and dramatically augments it.

About the Integration

As part of this integration, the teams will collaborate to bring RMRK logic to Moonriver by developing Solidity standards for RMRK-based Kusama assets. This will allow Moonriver and other EVM chains to work with RMRK NFT infrastructure, providing advanced features for NFT developers, creators, and collectors across the Kusama ecosystem.

Moonriver is the first EVM to host RMRK-based NFTs, bringing RMRK’s advanced NFT functionality to the broader MOVR ecosystem. Moonriver is a natural expansion point since it has dozens of NFT projects already deployed, with many more on the way. Moonriver natively supports ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standard NFTs positioning it as the top destination for Ethereum-compatible NFTS with the largest number of deployed protocols and users.

Through this integration, Moonriver developers will be able to leverage RMRK’s building blocks to construct advanced NFTs without having to write smart contract code. Unlike traditional ERC721 NFTs, RMRK NFTs can evolve over time, own or equip other NFTs, and change their output based on emotes and other creator specified rules. They are also inherently multi-chain which is a natural fit for Moonriver, and they can be governed as DAOs through derived fungible tokens.