About the Project

Polimec is a decentralized community-driven funding protocol developed on Polkadot to accelerate the Web3 ecosystem. The open-source and module-based blockchain system facilitates fundraising in a regulatory compliant and sustainable manner using on-chain credentials.

About the Integration

The collaboration between Moonbeam and Kilt gives way to the Polimec Smart Contract System, an extension to the Polimec Core Transfer System. The system, which has recently gone live, acts on behalf of an Issuer; executing Smart Contract functionality for vesting (also in periods), air drops, bounties, sales, and more. Through this addition, Issuers can build their coin offerings and the issuance of Currencies as complex as they need it, while also reusing the Solidity code of existing coin offering projects through utilizing Moonbeamโ€™s EVM capable runtime.