About the Project

Pinata is the first multimedia hub for NFT creators, builders, and artists on web3. Pinataโ€™s vision to foster a sense of place for every creator on the internet that is uniquely theirs has been the companyโ€™s goal since 2018. Building the largest pinning service on IPFS, Pinata gives users the ability to upload, manage, and share their content whenever, wherever and, with whomever they want.

About the Integration

Pinata recently integrated with Moonbeam to bring media storage solutions to NFT projects. Damned Pirates Society, a pirate-based NFT project on Moonriver, recently shifted to using Pinata for their media storage โ€” a first for a project in the extended Kusama ecosystem. As NFTs on Moonriver continue to flourish, we expect to see more integrations of this kind emerge and wanted to take a moment to highlight how and why the Damned Pirates Society team made the switch.