About the Project

OnFinality is a SaaS platform providing infrastructure services for the Kusama/Substrate community. Their mission is to support blockchain developers of all shapes and sizes by providing infrastructure services so they can focus on building the next dApp.

About the Integration

OnFinality provides an API service for Moonbeam,ย  and is now live on the Moonbase Alpha TestNet. This partnership is part of a broader effort by the Moonbeam team to bring powerful, functional developer tools to the Moonbeam ecosystem and streamline the process for developers with existing deployments who want to expand to an additional chain.

The initial deployment of the integration of OnFinality in Moonbase Alpha allows users to:

  • Query Moonbase Alpha RPC and WSS endpoints immediately using OnFinalityโ€™s free API service. You can create a free account key for 500k daily requests to high-performance managed nodes, including ones for Polkadot and Kusama.
  • Quickly stand up dedicated nodes (like Moonbase Alpha or Kusama) to have private access to high-performance WSS and RPC APIs without needing to manage your own infrastructure.