About the Project

Offshift is pioneering #PriFi with the world’s first Private Derivatives Platform. 1:1 Collateralization, Zero slippage, Zero liquidations. #zkAssets are here.

About the Integration

As a powerful, decentralized application dedicated to privacy-centric storage and exchange, Offshift will best serve users and extend access to its community by catering to multiple blockchain ecosystems — an imperative that will only become increasingly important as blockchain-based technologies mature. Thus, while they will continue striving to build out their Shifting application and zkAssets on Ethereum, they will also be advancing development on Moonbeam in parallel.

As privacy becomes both a matter of increasing importance and authoritative scrutiny, users and developers alike seeking to utilize Moonbeam’s platform will also be able to access Offshift’s full palette of private, synthetically-pegged zkAssets.