About the Project

myNFT is the marketplace that puts the power back in your hands. It is a creative workshop, a trading platform and a discovery engine, helping you tell your story and share your passions, on your own terms. myNFT is built on decentralized technologies empowering you to create, trade, and discover. myNFT is built by Perpetual Altruism, a leader in the NFT space and the creator of charitable NFT publisher Cryptograph and the GBM auction system. Perpetual Altruism is backed by prominent investors and creators and is also the recipient of grants from the Web3 Foundation and the Moonbeam network for their work on the decentralized internet, which powers myNFT.

About the Integration

The myNFT bridge on Moonbeam is the first of its kind for transferring NFT assets from Ethereum to Polkadot and the first one built on Moonbeam. myNFT chose Moonbeam as their expansion point to Polkadot because of its shared development environment and unified address format and because many NFT projects have started to congregate on Moonriver in the continued face of limitations on Ethereum. In addition, Moonbeamโ€™s Ethereum-compatible capabilities allow for a quick and stress-free implementation.

With the myNFT integration, Moonbeam continues to expand its offerings for the NFT community. This bidirectional bridge will have the ability to bring over Ethereum-based ERC-721s, ERC-1155s, and ERC-20s but will also allow the Ethereum community to access a growing list of Moonbeam-native NFTs from teams like Seascape and Zoombies. This positions Moonbeam as an interconnection point for cross-chain NFTs.