About the Project

Mosaic is Composable’s cross-layer asset transferral system. Initially introduced in September as a proof of concept (PoC), Mosaic has since grown to help facilitate millions of dollars in daily trade volume. With the launch of Mosaic’s Phase 2, integrated projects can look forward to expanded benefits helping drive more users to their network.

Mosaic is Composable’s liquidity layer, serves as a bridge to several EVM-compatible scaling solutions. Phase 2 of Mosaic will bring about the next generation of this infrastructure.

An objective of Mosaic is to ensure adequate liquidity across the increasingly fragmented and siloed DeFi industry. The most prominent aspects of Mosaic are its dynamic fee model, single-sided liquidity provisioning, and active management.

About the Integration

Mosaic will support Moonbeam as one of its connected networks. This integration will allow users to seamlessly transfer tokens between Moonbeam and Ethereum, Fantom, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Polygon, Moonriver, and more. Additionally giving developers the ability to now access Moonbeam through the Composable SDK for cross-layer transfers, swaps, and function calls.

Mosaic’s Phase 2 will open new opportunities to bring in significant liquidity from other ecosystems to Moonbeam. The integration will provide Moonbeam users with a low-cost, simple method of bridging assets between its network and outside scaling solutions.