About the Project

Moonlit Finance is the Convergence deployment on top of Moonriver.

Convergence is the first AMM to make real world asset exposure interchangeable in the DeFi space by connecting Wrapped Security Tokens (WSTs) with Utility Tokens on a single interface that is easy to use, adopt and composable with other DeFi protocols. Convergence enables asset owners to access decentralized DeFi liquidity, while DeFi users can access real world asset exposure (such as in private / unicorn companies or exotic real world assets). Convergence Finance combines the advantage of security tokens with the liquidity, automation and transparency features of DeFi to bring real world asset exposure to DeFi.

About the Integration

Moonlit Finance is the first real-world asset AMM in the Kusama ecosystem, offering users lower gas fees and faster transactions for an enhanced trading experience.

Moonlit Finance’s infrastructure is built on Moonriver, allowing the protocol to be deployed seamlessly to Web3 and Polkadot Substrate environments. Moonlit Finance is integrating with Moonriver for these reasons:

  • EVM compatibility โ€” Moonriver provides a full EVM implementation, a Web3-compatible API, and bridges that connect Moonriver to existing Ethereum networks.
  • Multi-chain solution โ€” Moonlit Finance strives to be the first mover in the DeFi space, and many believe that cross-chain interoperability is the future.
  • Polkadot ecosystem and security โ€” Kusama and Substrate act as a cornerstone in the Moonriver ecosystem.

With strong backup from Moonriver, Moonlit Finance is set to launch more products like ConvPool and ConvO.