About the Project

Moonbeans is a fully functional NFT marketplace launched on October 8th 2021, after releasing 465 Beanies into the Moonriver network to wreak havoc. The platform is still in beta, but has been performing incredibly well. With minimal fees for artists, traders, and project developers, Moonbeans aims to grow and aid the Moonrver network as a whole to develop, learn, and earn. Moonbeans has multiple collections that are now live (Beanies, Damned Pirates Society), minting (RivrMaids).

About the Integration

Moonbeans is a fully functional NFT marketplace using MOVR as its native currency. Itโ€™s the first of its kind on Moonriver, with the ability to list uniquely tailored collections. Beans is dedicated to being the NFT hub of Moonriver, with profits shared to all bean lovers in the process.