About the Project

Mintverse is the world’s leading NFT aggregation marketplace, where users can easily create, collect and trade various types of NFT assets. Mintverse is aggregating liquidity for over millions of NFT assets across ETH, BNB Chain, and Moonbeam offering users with the best available price. The platform has also aggregated the most comprehensive NFT asset database on both those chains with a plan to expand to other public chains in the near future in order to provide greater resources for the development of the NFT market as a whole. Community governance is a core part of Mintverse, and they strive towards creating a more decentralized platform for all NFT enthusiasts and newcomers.

About the Integration

The integration between Moonbeam and Mintverse allows all Moonbeam NFT assets to be integrated into Mintverse to provide users with the most comprehensive collection of NFTs. Moonbeam’s Ethereum compatibility allows Mintverse to easily aggregate NFT assets to provide a wide range of NFTs to users.