About the Project

Metacourt, previously BlocSport.One, is a Swiss sports tech company founded in 2019 that is transforming the sports business by building a transparent and reliable sports ecosystem uniting athletes, clubs, and fans based on blockchain. The company owns NFTdeals.io exclusive marketplace and has the biometric-enabled football scouting DApp live. Metacourt helps the young promising athletes get the money and exposure for their career development, which is nobody else doing in the world.

Metacourt is currently operating two business models:

About the Integration

The NFT 2.0 Influencer Accelerator will be deployed to the Moonbeam community, allowing the purchase of social media activations from Twitter & other social media platforms. The solution will connect brands, fans and influencers inside the web 3.0 NFT marketplace. Buyer will obtain rights to influencers’ Tweets & Instagram posts in the form of unique NFTs and will be able to publish them or trade them on the secondary market.