About the Project

Magic provides auth plus key management through magic links, social logins, and SMS (coming soon) for a web2-like user login that is fully web3-compatible. When logging into a dApp with Magic, each user is automatically generated a wallet, secured by a delegated key management solution that leverages AWSโ€™ HSMs. Users donโ€™t have to install any browser extensions or mobile apps, and developers have full control over the wallet UI/UX. Magic also supports 10+ blockchains and native mobile apps.

About the Integration

This integration opens the doors for Moonbeam and Polkadot devs to build dApps securely, utilizing extensible passwordless authentication built to scale. These options are important when looking to onboard new and mainstream users to Web3 applications running in the Moonbeam ecosystem.

Magic is a developer SDK that can be integrated into applications to enable passwordless authentication using magic links. Magic solves some of the biggest hurdles related to user onboarding, including wallet creation and the storage of private keys. By streamlining the signup process, it is much easier for Web3 developers to attract Web2 users to their applications. Magic was originally developed on Ethereum, so it works seamlessly with Moonbeam because of Moonbeamโ€™s full Ethereum compatibility, including the Ethereum compatible accounts and keys.