About the Project

Jambb is an NFT marketplace that allows fans to view, rent, or purchase unique, never-before-seen content like performances, backstage footage, and merchandise from their favorite comedians, musicians, athletes, and entertainers. Fans use Jambb to purchase digital assets, which may include distribution rights or the ability to exchange them for physical items. This is the new world of NFTs.

About the Integration

Jambb is celebrating its official launch with Non-Fungible Jokin’, a two-night, first-of-its-kind comedy show where nearly every part of the event will be minted as an NFT and auctioned off for fans to own and resell.

The entire Non-Fungible Jokin’ show—which will feature an Emmy-award-winning technical producer—will be purchasable through Jambb, with NFTs living on Moonriver, a sister-network of the highly-anticipated Moonbeam network. Buyers can choose to rent out the content through Jambb’s galleries and share what they have purchased with the world. With legal license to IP, buyers will now have more to offer with their NFTs than ever before.