About the Project

Staking will secure the world’s most precious digital public infrastructures. Hetavalidation provides a professional staking service, offering validation to select projects in the space that will have an impact on the world. Earn rewards by helping secure the digital infrastructure of Web 3.0 through staking.

Hetavalidation Moonriver Collator Address: 0x7d71Ea17D73f32e055BC84651e711eafCADb86d0

Hetavalidation Moonbeam Collator Address: 0xdd760a8f8ce5e4b5f9ff436ee7790c603d6294d0

How to Become a Collator

Collators serve a critical role on the Moonbeam and Moonriver networks by producing blocks and maintaining the network. A decentralized set of collators is a priority for both parachains, since it’s important to maintaining the integrity of the network in Moonbeam’s DPoS system. Learn how you can spin up a node and join the network as a collator.