About the Project

GLMR Apes is a collection of 1001 banana-loving Apes chilling together and focused on the Glimmer community. As GLMR Apes was made by the community and for the community, 50% of the sales proceeds and of all the royalties are the community’s property and are managed on a community wallet in order to benefit GLMR APES NFT owners. GLMR Apes has recently released its second generation of Apes, GLMR Jungle, the collection is composed of 3333 NFTs of Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Orangutans, Bonobos.

About the Integration

Built on Moonbeam, GLMR Apes has recently released The Great Escape, a game launched in August 2022 as the first working EVM based play-to-earn game on Moonbeam