About the Project

Gelato Network is web3โ€™s automation network, enabling developers to automate & relay arbitrary smart contract executions on and across all EVM-based compatible blockchains such as Ethereum. Gelatoโ€™s goal is to provide developers with a reliable, scalable & decentralized network to which they can outsource all of their web3 related DevOps operations.

About the Integration

Developers on the Moonbeam Network can now take advantage of Gelato Ops. An automation network with features such as:

  • Limit Orders on PancakeSwap
  • Periodically updating debt ceilings on MakerDAO
  • Offer users gasless token claims on Connext
  • Automatically compound yield farming vaults on Beefy Finance
  • Automate the breeding of new digital racehorse NFTs on ZED RUN
  • Rebase algorithmic stablecoins with Tomb Finance
  • Update price oracles and TWAP on Abracadabra