About the Project

DODO is a next-generation decentralized exchange and liquidity aggregator powered by the Proactive Market Maker algorithm (PMM). Featuring highly capital-efficient liquidity pools, minimal slippage, and reduced impermanent loss, DODO is designed to deliver all the advantages of a distributed platform, plus a user-friendly interface and liquidity that is comparable to centralized systems.

About the Integration

DODO has successfully deployed its Ethereum-based code to Polkadot via Moonbase Alpha, Moonbeam’s TestNet. The integration will enable DODO to include assets from Polkadot and its parachains in their exchange without making major changes to their existing code. This will allow the growing Moonbeam and Polkadot communities to benefit from DODO’s Proactive Market Maker (PMM) algorithm and to build for capital efficiency.

DODO’s Proactive Market Maker (PMM) is an oracle-aided algorithm with an advanced pricing formula that provides contract-fillable liquidity. DODO implements a multi-chain approach, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Huobi ECO Chain. The DODO team sees Moonbeam as a great ally in expanding to Polkadot without reinventing the wheel. Moonbeam’s full Ethereum compatibility allows projects and devs to access the Polkadot ecosystem with minimal to no changes. Projects can use the same language, tools, and accounts to port their code from Ethereum to Polkadot.

DODO’s integration into the Moonbeam ecosystem allows Polkadot and Moonbeam users to interact with the unique benefits provided by DODO’s innovative Proactive Market Maker (PMM). The DODO PMM is an innovative DEX feature that helps traders have lower slippage compared to AMM-based DEXs. Moonbeam users will continue to have many innovative DEXs to work with, which will be available when Moonbeam launches.