About the Project

The Damned Pirate Society is an eclectic pirate-based NFT project with utility. The project also recently shifted to using Pinata for media storage. The collection of 3,000 unique pirates is the gateway to the teamโ€™s upcoming Pirateverse.

About the Integration

The Project started with an on-chain hot-potato game in which users were cursed with the Blackspot (BLCKSPT) token on the Moonriver chain. Users who were cursed had to find another willing person to receive the curse by posting their address on Twitter or in their Discord. Only those users who had held the curse, but had successfully passed it on were eligible for the minting process.

This kind of integration presents a key optimization path for other NFT projects that donโ€™t need all their data stored on-chain: with Pinata, media data can easily be stored, shared, and referenced in conjunction with smart contracts that are deployed elsewhere (in this case, Moonriver). This collaboration demonstrates the ease of use of Pinata, making it accessible not only to developers but to non-technical creators, as well (especially with its free access plan). This enables teams to utilize IPFS for storing their images, while still leveraging blockchain for their contracts and rights management.