About the Project

CertHum is a start-up blockchain infrastructure company with a primary focus on providing Substrate-based chain validating, collating, and staking services. Its formation was driven by a belief that distributed ledger technology is both a foundational and transformational technology that will improve society for everybody.

CertHum’s mission is to provide solutions that will increase and accelerate the adoption of distributed ledger technology. As distributed ledger technology is more widely adopted, it is expected that CertHum’s contributions will have played a small but important part in bettering peoples’ lives.

How to Become a Collator

Collators serve a critical role on the Moonbeam and Moonriver networks by producing blocks and maintaining the network. A decentralized set of collators is a priority for both parachains, since it’s important to maintaining the integrity of the network in Moonbeam’s DPoS system. Learn how you can spin up a node and join the network as a collator.