About the Project

Automata Network is a decentralized service protocol that provides a privacy middleware layer for dApps across multiple blockchains.

Witness is an off-chain governance platform that provides a simple interface for users to create governance proposals and vote on them while maintaining their anonymity by choosing between various privacy levels. The actual voting is conducted off-chain to eliminate gas costs and encourage greater participation in the governance process. On-chain execution is also possible via Chainhook, as the contract registered during proposal creation can be triggered based on the final voting results.

About the Integration

Powered by Automata Network, the integration with Witness serves to provide Moonbeam dApp developers additional protocol governance options by allowing them to measure and enforce community consensus in a decentralized and private manner.

Moonbeam developers are now able to use Witness on Moonbeamโ€™s TestNet, Moonbase Alpha, by visiting this site. The same support will be added to Moonriver and Moonbeam upon each launch.