About the Project

Ankr is a Web3 infrastructure and cross-chain staking DeFi platform that aims to increase efficiency in blockchain ecosystems by building dApps, hosting nodes or staking. Ankr uses idle computing resources in data centers to help developers and enterprise clients to quickly deploy blockchain nodes at a lower cost than public cloud providers.

About the Integration

Developers building on Moonbeam will be able to spin up a Moonbeam node in just a few clicks, as well as access WS and HTTPS RPC endpoints in a user-friendly and reliable manner.

This integration opens the doors to the fast-paced Moonbeam and Polkadot ecosystems for Ankr, which has been working towards expanding its infrastructure services to prominent parachains on Polkadot. Moonbeam’s powerful Ethereum compatibility enables Ankr to port its Ethereum-based code to Polkadot with minimal to no changes.