Moonbeam Launch

Network Launch Status

Moonbeam will follow the same launch process as Moonriver, which is modeled after the launch process for Kusama and Polkadot. It is designed to ensure the stability of the network while it is deployed. This process is anticipated to begin on December 17, after the auctions for the first five parachain slots have completed and a Moonbeam parachain slot had been secured. This page will continue to be updated as each launch phase is completed.

Phase Description Purpose/Goal Date Technology Upgrades What Users Can Do



The Genesis block is launched, and the network is in Centralized mode to ensure proper block production and other basic functionalities.

  • To launch Moonbeam with minimum viable functionality.
  • To ensure basic parachain functionality is working as expected, including block production and block finalization. This includes how our parachain and collators interact with the Polkadot Relay Chain and its validators.
  • Once we have been running in a stable way, we will proceed to the next launch phase.
December 17, 2021
  • Minimal requirement for centralized Block production
  • 8 collators hosted by PureStake on behalf of the Moonbeam Team
  • Staking pallet enabled but limited to the Moonbeam Foundation
  • Transfer and EVM disabled
  • Block production eligibility set to 20% (2 nodes per block)
  • Governance enabled but controlled by the Moonbeam Foundation
Moonbeam end users will have limited functionality available in this phase. They will not be able to claim rewards, stake, execute balance transfers, or deploy smart contracts.
In this phase, staking will be enabled but limited to the Moonbeam Foundation. Genesis token holders will be able to participate in governance to validate the foundation decisions. Authorship eligibility will be set to 20% to allow two nodes to produce blocks simultaneously. Users will be able to observe block production and finalization via explorers. And perform other read-only inspections of the chainstate.



Once we are confident in the stability of the network, we continue with the decentralization journey and add more collators to the active set. Governance will be used to issue a runtime upgrade and expand the network.

  • To expand the collator set to parties outside of the Moonbeam team.
  • To continue to ensure basic parachain functionality to work as expected.
  • To ensure the decentralized collator set is performing well with the Polkadot Relay Chain and its validators.
  • Once we have been running in a stable way, we will proceed to the next launch phase.
December 21, 2021
  • Authorship eligibility set to 1% (1 node)
  • Increase the collator active set to 32
  • Collators election and staking managed by the Moonbeam foundation
Collators will be able to perform actions necessary for block production. Collators and genesis token holders can participate in governance. End users will have the same restrictions as phase 0.


Full Launch

This is the most important milestone for end users. This upgrade will remove Sudo (the superuser key) and hand over control of the network to token holders. Additionally, balance transfers (which also allow users to stake and start claiming any rewards from the crowdloan) and the EVM will be enabled. With transfers enabled, the chain will be governed by token holders using the onchain governance system.

  • Removing Sudo means we are 100% confident in all systems.
  • When the governance motion to enable balance transfers and EVM is passed and enacted, end users and developers will have access to the full functionality of Moonbeam.
  • The team will continue to monitor things closely to ensure stability and security.
January 11, 2022 announcement
  • 48 (or more collators)
  • Sudo access is removed
  • EVM activation
  • Balance transfer activation
  • Staking enabled for token holders
  • Set rewards contributors list in crowdloan rewards pallet
The Moonbeam Network will have full functionality for developers and end users, including the ability to transfer funds, participate in the Moonbeam staking system, deploy smart contracts, and claim crowdloan participation rewards.