About the Project

Zombies is an infinite world of NFT collectible trading cards built on Rarity, Scarcity and Community.

The Zoombies World brings all the value and excitement of blockchain NFTs into a tidy free-to-play mix of predictable rules that result in unpredictable outcomes. Zoombies has something for everyone, and when luck strikes, it can take you out of this world! Zoombies is a full cycle token economy which allows players to mint, trade and burn NFTs alongside the ZOOM ERC-20 standard token for highly liquid value transfer.

About the Integration

The Zoombies team chose to work with Moonbeam because they are looking to expand their NFT project onto other EVM compatible chains. Moonbeamโ€™s Ethereum-compatible capabilities allow the Zoombies team to deploy to a Polkadot-based environment without needing to rewrite their codebase.

Inspired by the card collections found in games like Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone, plus the digital NFT minting mechanics of Raribles and Cryptokitties, Zoombies provides a unique gamified NFT experience for people looking for something more than just collecting NFT art. Players can mint cards based on a rarity lottery, collect, trade and sell NFT zombie-themed trading cards and in-game ZOOM tokens, using Moonriver (MOVR) as the digital currency for all transactions.