About the Project

Deeply rooted in the Polkadot ecosystem, Web3Go provides a series of Web 3 data-related services: Micro-level analysis and visualization of cross-chain assets transactions, parachain slot auctions, DeFi activities, and token transaction histories; Sophisticated address labeling system to create user portraits and accumulate user identity library according to the behavior data on the chain; Utilizing Substrate Smart Contract, a reward system is deployed to incentivize users to post data task and patronize data professions on Web3Go. Being said, Web3Go will provide the essential technical infrastructure for data applications of all kinds in the Polkadot ecosystem.

About the Integration

The Moonbeam and Moonriver Web3Go Staking Dashboards are two powerful data dashboards that track staking activities in the Moonbeam & Moonriver Network and provide simulations of different staking schema. They allow users to find the optimal staking strategy based on the current ranking of collators and delegatorsโ€™ stakes.