About the Project

everPay is a trusted cross-chain financial protocol built and based on the Arweave Blockchain using a Storage-based Consensus Paradigm (SCP) which was proposed by Outprog, the founder and CEO of everFinance. This new paradigm enables transaction costs on everPay to be super low, with thousands of transactions costing as little as 0.05 USD. In addition, everPay has no TPS limit.

About the Integration

This collaboration will open up the Arweave and Moonbeam ecosystems through the cross-chain provided by everPay. Allowing assets on Moonbeam to flow into the Arweave ecosystem. Arweave assets such as AR and PSTs ( Profit Sharing Token ) can obtain liquidity with the help of DeFi applications on Moonbeam, this will open development limitations within the Arweave ecosystem. This will be the first time ever that AR and PST tokens will be able to be used in DeFi outside of the Arweave ecosystem.