About the Project

Blocsport.one is a Swiss sports tech company founded in 2019 that is transforming the sports business by building a transparent and reliable sports ecosystem uniting athletes, clubs, and fans based on blockchain. Company owns NFTdeals.io exclusive marketplace and has the biometric-enabled football scouting DApp live. Blocsport.one helps the young promising athletes get the money and exposure for their career development, which is nobody else doing in the world.

Blocsport.one started as a BSC solution and released $BLS token on Binance Smart Chain, which is now traded on three centralized exchanges and the DEX (Click for token info). Going full steam ahead to build a cross-chain solution and NFT marketplace.

Blocsport.one is currently operating two business models:

  • Institutional — B2B — for clubs with smart sport transfers on blockchain, scouting & data registration, and sports asset tokenization platform (security token launchpad).
  • Individual —B2C — for sports fans with an exclusive NFT sports marketplace, an NFT 2.0 NIL rights investments with NFT Athlete Launchpad, and sports DeFi solution with staking, Athlete Power Index & Supercharged NFTs.

About the Integration

The NFT 2.0 Sports Accelerator will be deployed to the Moonriver community, allowing the purchase of sports Genesis tokens of young and up-and-coming athletes of your favourite sports including basketball, American football, baseball and soccer (through the modern form of crowdfunding), and connect this investment to various DeFi services including Vaults for storage, Power Index for trading & Supercharge NFT wrapping for extra bonuses (including name, image and likeness (NIL rights) opportunity) and games of skills.
It will be a mix of a real world & metaverse experience.