About the Project

Authtrail is a comprehensive data integrity SaaS tool for enterprise users. The platform comprises advanced APIs, Dashboard, Validator, Public Explorer, and Authtrail Demo. It works as an end-to-end solution for equipping enterprise data with integrity and allowing all authorized users to check its veracity and history. As a working, market-ready product, Authtrail serves enterprises across all industries, helping them rein in data management costs and leverage blockchain technology for optimized daily operations. In the future, the team plans to establish Authtrail LaunchHub, an accelerator supporting startups and developers to further promote data integrity value and the underlying Web3 infrastructure.

About the Integration

Authtrail will rely on Moonbeam as its core network, thanks to its Ethereum compatibility that ensures a seamless transition from Ethereum. Also, the underlying Polkadot ecosystem is highly enterprise-oriented, making it ideal for serving Authtrail’s target audience. Once launched, Moonbeam will allow Authtrail users to process large amounts of data at a lower cost while maintaining advanced functionalities of hashing and anchoring. Enterprises in need of protecting their data and verifying it to customers, partners, and auditors, will be able to do so easily within the readily available Authtrail platform.